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escuela carmen de las cuevas

escuela carmen de las cuevas

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    Founded in 1984 as first Spanish School in Granada, Carmen de las Cuevas...


  • nataliyan669
    Cave restaurants and flamenco dances are amazing - visit the cave museum - very interesting history of the place and amazing views from there - thought get ready for uphill hike there:)
  • SeeMoonwater
    This has been a long-cherished wish of mine to go to Andalusia and to learn Flamenco dancing. I have been at Escuela Carmen de las Cuevas to participate in a beginners class in September 2013 for 3 weeks. I can only recommend to do this. The classes are well organized and you meet like minded people from all over the world. You get in to the feeling of the Flamenco culture and the very nice and attentive staff is always happy to organize tickets for a Flamenco show (where you can see the school's teachers dancing) or to give other recommendations on cultural highlights. I think these 3 weeks have been magical and I would always come back to enjoy this lifestyle. If you love Flamenco music or dancing don't hesitate to go there.
  • curlysue53
    I had taken years of Spanish in high school and college but these courses were by far the best. The classes were really small and the teachers were very enthusiastic.
  • EdDenmark
    I just got back from a two week stay at Carmen de las Cuevas. My reasons for attending were exclusively for improving my Spanish (which is at a B1/B2 level). Each day started with a 1/2 warm up class, followed by a 1 1/2 hour grammar class , where we were only 3 - 4 students. Then a 1 1/2 hour conversation class, where we were only 2 - 3 pupils, followed by a 1 hour private lesson.As you can see here, the class sizes were incredibly small. This combined with the very high level of the teaching, and the enthusiasm of both the teachers and the other students, made these many hours pass by in no time, in an environment of learning and laughing.I was so fortunate as to have Rosa and Jesus, who both were very well structured, listened to our individual needs, and just plain fun to be with.The average age of the student population is higher than the average for Spanish language schools, no large groups are taken in, and this combined with the small class sizes make this an ideal school for learning plenty , fast.The school is located in a lovely old Carmen in The Albayzin area of Granada. A 15-20 walk to The Plaza Nueva.I highly recommend this language school.
  • 313sallyt
    Lovely setting with great views. Nice to see the caves presented in such a delightful way. If you don't like walking up hill get the city minibus up to the top and walk down
  • Milan088
    Escuela Carmen de las Cuevas arranged such a great two weeks for me in Grananda! Every day we had spanish and flamenco courses. Every night flamenco shows, tapas and drinks. It was an awesome experience. I picked up some spanish grammar and words, some new flamenco techniques and falsetas and made some new friends.
  • Alejandro88888888
    Great school with a diverse collection of students, amazing teachers, and a spectacularly beautiful view of La Alhambra.
  • michaelpF6402MJ
    I took beginner level Spanish along with Flamenco guitar in May 2014 at Escuela Carmen de las Cuevas. I spent a month there and I don't have enough words to say just how amazing they were! My expectations were exceeded by a huge margin. I learned more Flamenco guitar in a short period than I ever thought possible. I learned so much Spanish ... my biggest thrill was visiting my extended Spanish family in Seville one weekend during the trip and actually being able for the first time to have a conversation with them ... IN SPANISH! ... AND we all understood each other. Fantastic! The accommodations were great ... I chose the "charming apartment" so I could have my own space. It was right next to the school with a fantastic view of Granada and a comfortable little place to stay. The staff at the school are all so very nice and so helpful. They made me feel like I was one of their family. The instructors (both language and guitar) are all very professional and extremely skilled.The location of the school is in a very special area and is such an interesting part of the charm. Granada itself is a wonderful city and seems very safe. I never once felt uneasy in any part of the city and at anytime.You will not be disappointed. I highly recommend Escuela Carmen de las Cuevas!
  • nicholea847
    I had an amazing time at Carmen de las Cuevas! My beginners tecnnique and choroegraphy classes were both challenging and inspiring, the accommodation provided was comfortable and our living area a great place to meet and socialise with others at the school. Staff made it easy (and more affordable with the school discounts!) to book for some of the fabulous shows around town and were always happy to provide advice when requested. Next time, I hope I can stay more than 2 weeks!
  • pikajunaturkuun
    I wanted to learn more Spanish and this school was recommended by a friend. Teachers are excellent and some excursions and other program was also arranged forthe students. I will go there again as Granada is also a wonderful city.
  • dimsumcafe
    The staff was helpful from the very first contact I made over the internet. I was not quite sure about my travel details and/or what exactly I wanted to learn about flamenco, but they (esp. Estrella) very patiently answered all my questions and gave me lots of useful information (school or Granada in general) to help clarify things, and most of all, put me at ease.They arranged a wonderful host family for me, and because it was the first time the school worked with this family, Carmen checked to make sure things were going well on the very first day I was at school, and then from time to time, staying on top of things. Estrella also helped communicate with the family about my interest in learning the local cuisine. In essence, all I really had to do was show up and enjoy the new experience.It turned out I was the only student in my level, so the class hours were adjusted, which was a good thing. In a large class, if you are tired and do not stomp your feet with enough force, you can probably get away with it from time to time.... not when you are the only student. The shortened class hours turned out to be just perfect for one person. Judith, my flamenco teacher, was very good at communicating the ideas and concept of flamenco using very simple and basic Spanish (which was all I was able to understand). Once she saw that I understood analogies better than abstract ideas, she used a lot of analogies that really really helped! And because I later went on to other cities and also took flamenco lessons, I saw how Judith was really good at helping me build a foundation and watching to make sure I do not develop bad or damaging habits as a beginner. I was very happy that Granada and Carmen de las Cuevas was my first stop in Spain. I still think about how amazing it was having the chance of living in the Albaizin and attending flamenco classes in a cave, going home to a Spanish host family, speaking Spanish and enjoying "free" tapas in Granada... The potential culture "shock", through the helpfulness of the staff at Carmen, became the jolt I needed to recharge myself. It was a wonderful experience!
  • MarilynJ450
    Although this is a tiny bit hard to find, and you have to be able to walk to get to it - no access for the handicapped. It is a great location and well worth the walk. The flamenco is very touristy but that is what you will find in any of these venues so it is no better or worse than anywhere else. The location is the thing that sets it apart and the caves in this area are fabulous.
  • davidcP4172CX
    I took Spanish intermediate. Lessons were superb, a balance of interactive instruction and directed conversation in small groups. Teachers fun, caring, intelligent. Beautiful situation in the Albaicin looking over the Alhambra and located in a traditional carmen. Stunning views when drinking coffee a bonus to the excellent teaching. Go to this school - you will not be disappointed. Es maravillosa!
  • BobL768
    One word, AWESOME. From the three cheerful and beautiful women who run the office, to the owners, Carmen and her husband, to all of the teachers that we encountered - the school is top notch. Everybody was so warm, helpful and generous to all of us, and we feel lucky to have taken classes with you. The three teachers we had, Alberto Martinez, Juan Peregrina, and Rosa Tejero are all really terrific teachers - and this comes from someone who has been teaching college, high school and middle school for over 25 years. We want to send particular thanks to Alberto and Juan who worked so very hard to design and teach grammar and conversation lessons for Erin (10), Caitlin (13) and Bob (50). Their lessons, games and activities were brilliant. Their energy was terrific and their use of humor was a perfect match for two kids and their father (who tortured the Spanish language with a version Alberto coined Bobñol). Thank you all so much for making our stay in Granada a wonderful learning experience. We understand that very few children enroll here, and they went out of our way to help all of us, at very different levels, succeed for 10 very full days. Muchas gracias mis amigas!
  • Mastrovito88
    I took flamenco guitar lessons for 3 weeks while living in the provided available housing in the Albayzin, or gypsy quater of Granada. The experience was unique and fulfilling. I do speak the language so it might have been easier for me but the school goes out of its way to accommodate everyone. Living in the Albayzin is, in my humble opinion, the only way to completely immerse yourself in the flamenco world. I am also a conservatory trained guitarist. However, I found the beginner flamenco lessons to be challenging yet attainable. Jorge, the teacher, was excellent, very fun, and always willing to help or answer questions outside of class.
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