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los cahorros

los cahorros

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  • Joanna42014
    Well worth walking through the national park, especially when the weather is not too hot. There are two bars/cafes on the route so take in Spain's winter sun and enjoy the views.
  • paulrF3133GP
    Monachil is a wonderful small place outside of Granada. It's a 30-40 bus ride but it's amazing. There are loads of great view points, places to climb, places to walk and relax. There's a cool Indiana Jones style rope bridge to cross and it's just awesome. It's great for a pic nic, adventure and place to relax. Check it out!
  • Criticallywell
    Lovely walk with added fun. Watch out if it is very hot you can do shorter version avoiding the higher, hotter paths.
  • 990aylak
    I enjoyed Los Cahorros very much. It's a beautiful canyon, ideal for people who love hiking or who love photography. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to see something different when in or around Granada.
  • Irritable
    I won't go into the walk details as others have far more eloquently than I can. All I'll say its worth the effort although maybe not quite as spectacular or hair raising as I thought it would be from other reviews. We were also very disappointed with the amount of graffiti on some of the rocks and bridges and thought some of the path repairs in the gorge could have been done with a bit more creativity to blend it with the surroundings. We probably got as much enjoyment from the second part of the walk, passing by farms and fruit orchards. We certainly couldn't fault the views. I only wish we could have identified all the fruit! A good half day out. We drove from the coast and thought it was a worthwhile day out. Recommended - but not a perfect 10.
  • moyoma66
    This off-the-beaten track hike, just outside of Granada was beautiful and memorable in mostly good ways. The gorge walk was lovely and in areas exciting as we held onto handles attached to the rock and dangled over the water below. The hanging bridges were fun and the steep climb through the countryside along olive groves and cherry orchards was a privileged peak into rural Spain than we never would have seen on the typical tourist track. Be aware, however, that most of the farms along the way have dogs, who are charged with guarding the property and livestock. As we passed a yurt set back from the road, two medium-sized terriers charged from the fields and one took a good bite of my calf. No broken skin, but a good bruise that lasted beyond our two weeks in Spain. A fellow traveler later advised that he never walked along these country paths without a big stick to keep the resident dogs at bay. Good advice, considering many of the dogs we passed were much larger and more menacing than the terriers. The walk took about a leisurely 3 hours. We ended with cold beers and a tapas lunch at a patio restaurant in the village before heading back to Granada. Highly recommended.
  • LJF76
    Great Sunday afternoon walk to do with the family. Spectular views, hair-raising hanging bridges over the gorge and beautiful scented herbs along the way. The walk was fairly busy at the start but once you walked for a while, you soon had peace and quiet and could enjoy the scenery. The children loved swimming/paddling in the river - there was plenty of places to go in. This river/gorge walk is not for the faint-hearted, as the bridges are really rickety and high. We used a map/info we found on a specific walking website (we looked up trek sierra nevada) which was handy because we weren't always sure we were going the right way. What I loved about this place is parking was free, the gorge walk was free...that wouldn't be the case in Britain! There were a couple of bars at the end of the walk to revive yourself in also.
  • ryattman
    Very nice walk, first half is in the canyon and some of it involves hanging on steel handles to get around protruding bits of wall or crawling on all fours. Not particularly challenging for most physically abled people - dont need to be fit. Second half of the walk is up in to the mountains and then down the other side. No shade and harder work (especially going up!). Whole thing round trip back to the car park at Monachil is 2.5 hours going at normal pace. Definately worth doing as a bit of outside time and enjoying the mountain views.
  • Aeromotive
    Having hiked the breathtaking and excruciating Hanakapia'i trail in Kaua'i (Hawai'i) we thought we'd give Los Cahorros a try. Not having seen any pictures on the internet beforehand, we didn't know what to expect, but we were excited about the hanging bridges.1) First of all, the hanging bridges are a joke, except for the third one, which is the longest one. However you have to cross so quickly (only four people at a time, and people are waiting after you!) that you can't really stop and take it in. I have the fear of heights (vertigo too) and I wasn't even scared at the third bridge.2) Narrow gorge : it's nice, but an easy walk if you're in good shape.3) The second half of the hike (after the gorge) is nice, but there's nothing much to see. You also get to a point where there's a fence that implicitly says you have to turn back... but you actually have to go around it.4) The very last part is tricky because you get to a point where you have three path options. Thank God two of them are dead-ends after a few minutes, so the third one we took was the right one!5) I need to mention we had a pdf guide on our phone, which helped a lot to situate ourselves and get guidance, but even that guide wasn't clear.6) We expected a bit of a cardio workout, but there was none. This is good for older people or people with medical conditions, but if you're in good shape, an avid hiker and expect a physical challenge in this, forget it.7) The drive from Malaga was nice, Monachil is a charming village. 8) We regretted having used a day for this hike. We should have went to nearby Ronda instead. 9) If you have a long stay in Malaga or close, then definitely do this hike. But if, like us, you're only staying for a few days, then go somewhere else!10) Bring water, food, sunscreen and go early for cooler weather. Wear good shoes (not necessary to have hiking shoes), forget about flip flops.11) With stopping, taking pictures, and looking for our way twice, it took us around 3 hours.
  • knackered1
    My husband and I, both in our mid fifties and not too fit decided to do this walk and boy were we happy we did. We down loaded a map of a circular walk which took us through the canyon. The scenery was stunning, the views from the top fabulous. We stopped at a small waterfall and had a paddle, used the handrails to bypass the overhanging rocks and went over the hanging bridges.If you are in Granada and want a day in the countryside, I would definitely recommend this place.
  • ickaohman
    We wanted to see some of the Sierra Nevada, and to go for a nice walk in the mountains. Got recommended this place from our hostel. And we loved it! A very beautiful canyon, beautiful mountains, very nice walk. ( you need decent shoes, and have to be able to walk on uneven surface, over suspension bridges, and bring some water!) We went up the canyoun along the little stream, and then back on top instead. We missed the first path along the top of the canyou, and ended up a longer walk baack through some orchards, but that was nice to. Very beautiful walk!
  • fsnet
    If you are a walker you MUST do this walk. It's so interesting and diversified. I would suggest though downloading the route from the Trek Sierra Nevada website, it's invaluable. Use walking shoes. we are just retirement age and do walk and found it no problem, however if you are not nimble and are a bit big, don't bother. At the other end of the scale I wouldn't advise taking very mall children.Treat it as an adventure and discover the peace of the Spanish countryside away from the hustle and bustle of Granada.
  • 147kateee
    We had a fabulous day doing this walk. Scenery was stunning. Lots of fun with the overhangs and the three rope bridges.Highly recommended
  • 385tanyac
    We almost missed this.... Seen the reviews when searching things to do in Sierra Nevada but didn't actually see anything in area suggesting the walk luckily spotted a sign for Los cahorros on our second last day and drove for about an hour looking for the canyon, was well hidden and we drove through what seemed like peoples back gardens to get to it so there must be an easier route. Was well worth it, views were amazing such a lovely walk/trek, wooden bridges, narrow cliff walks, caves, waterfalls can only imagine how great this would be during summer!!!! Bring plenty of water and wear comfy shoes! Personally my nerves would be gone bringing kids.
  • DdKiw2013i
    You can catch bus 183 from Granada to Monachil (last bus stop), walk through town, up the hill to begin this trail (sign posted - keep stream on your right going through the town). The hanging bridges are great. The lower trail is very scenic. There's some tight squeezes to crawl or crouch through. Handles on the rocks to hang off to get around overhanging rocks so not suitable for toddlers. Waterfalls and rock pools to admire. The trail goes up to ski fields but when you reach a clearing you can cross a small suspension bridge and come back over the hill and get views of Granada. I went back on the lower trail because it is so beautiful. It's a place used to train people for rock climbing so cliffs are spectacular. Allow 3 hours. Unspoilt and spectacular. Give it a go!
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