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cámara oscura

cámara oscura

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  • 809adamg
    I'm a sucker for old time science. The mirrors and lenses of the camera obscura project a large and pin sharp image of Seville onto the table inside the tower. The talk in spanish was very clear and informative. You can see the distant hills and birds on the nearby roofs. For 4€ it is a bargain - the view from the outside of the tower is also very good. Go on a clear day and, for an extra treat, you can see the spots on the sun!
  • halahash
    I wasn't really drawn to the idea since I couldn't understand what is a camara oscura. We walked to la Torre De los perdigones from the murallas- walls of the city and we decided to wait until the next session of the camara oscura. It costs 4€/person and you have to buy the tickets at the adjacent kiosk/restaurant. We got up the tour and the man started explaining the concept behind the camara and how it is a reflection of an optical focal point of the city using a mirror. Anyway it was definitely informative and interesting as he guided us 360° around the city, with historic facts and explanations about churches and monuments in the rich Seville. You have to try it to see for yourself. Note the man only speaks Spanish.
  • venialvox
    The camara oscura is really a giant periscope with a Big Brother-esque vibe: you end up being able to follow the inhabitants of Sevilla, as far as the limits of the mirror allow. If you have never been in one, it's worth paying the 4 euros to get a bird's eye view of the city, and the guide's hilarious commentary about the various attractions here. The guide only speaks Spanish but he is more than adept in English - he was able to translate anything we didn't understand. A good place to go to if you want to get acquainted with Sevilla's sights and sounds but don't want to walk.
  • 137jeanp
    You will have to get the bus out to the Puente and possibly wait for it to open ..but it is well worth it. The views from the top outside the Camera are fantastic but the Oscura is just incredible. And I cannot praise enough the operator who knows not just Seville and its history but most of Spain. Choose a time when it may be quiet and be prepared to spend some time there. Oh, yes, ....the tower may be tall but (unlike the Oscura in Cadiz) there is a rapid lift!!
  • DiegoDavis
    My boyfriend and I had read good reviews of this attraction prior to our trip and thought we'd take a look. It turned out to be fantastic - very informative with great detail in the pictures. The guide spoke English well and knew lots about the city. It was cheap to get in and gave stunning views across the city.I may be a little biased as this attraction is quite special to us - my boyfriend proposed at the top of the tower! We've been to another camara oscura since and it wasn't a patch on this one.
  • aquauomo
    Especilly if you dont speak Spanish. The presentation took almost 30 minutes, standing, and it was in Spanish only. Skip it!
  • Manxtravellers
    To be perfectly honest, I don't think this is worth the visit. the views from the Obscura are not that good - sorry! I have visited many more Obscura all of which, in my opinion, are much better than this.
  • Laura6363
    We found out about this on here and it was one of the best things we went to. It's one man who insists he only does the tours in Spanish, he does speak about 10 other languages but if there are any Spanish people at all within the group he will only do the tour in Spanish. He is very knowledgable and a lovely guy. Try and do it first on your list it'll give you a great idea of where you want to go during your time in Seville.If your not sure what a camera obscura is, you will be amazed at the image a mirror will give you. It was €4 each and he will ask if you want to see the view and the camera obscura the answer you should give it yes, it's beautiful up there. He finishes at 3.30 so be sure to get there before that. There is a nice park next to it and a restaurant but it's not open till later. Enjoy!
  • sophc836
    till now, this place is not in that many guides... so enjoy it while it is not completely spoiled by queues! The guide was great: passionate, full of humour and extremely knowledgeable. Forget 3D films, hop on hop off and so on: if you want get a great 'live' view of the city, spot the highlights, recognise where you've been and get the history outside of the books and the anecdotes noone has: Camera Oscura is the place to be. We were a quite small group, very diverse ages and nationality, and all of us really enjoyed. The only drawback for us was: we didn't seem to be able to find proper information beforehand about tours and times. So we ended up waiting for quite a while, not knowing for sure if anyone was going to show up. But: that's all part of the experience!
  • 939deedeen
    This was a fun way to see the city....through the camera obscura. We went here one afternoon and then walked along the river and across the bridge. All easy walks from our rental near Hercules Alameda.
  • ArndB728
    I myself had never ever seen a Camera Obscura so I was amazed by the quality of the view of the city. It is an amazing experience, but do not tell everyone. This has very limited capacity :) The caretaker -slash- tourguide has great views to show and lots of funny remarks to make. But, be sure to understand some Spannish as that is what he will mostly speak, although very clear and slow. So you can follow quite good if you lack excellent spannish skills. Go there any way to enjoy this complete other view of th city and... weather allowing : the SUN!Session is about 25 minutes get your ticket at the small restaurant nearby. ENjoy!
  • WenjieN_13
    It's not just a tower for a 360 view of Sevilla, its also a magical experience! There's a "show" or demonstration which gives you a camera/TV view of the entire city that requires you to pay more, and it's supposedly "only in Spanish". But my girlfriend and I were the only visitors that timing, so we got the entire "show" to ourselves in ENGLISH! And the guide was really fluent with his English, and even made really hilarious remarks and jokes about some of the iconic attractions during the "show". Don't just walk up and think its just a silly 360 view, its more than that and you should go for it!
  • karenanddave55
    We were in this area and decided to try to find it, and are so glad we did. Our guide was very charming, and made it a fun experience. We have never visited a camera obscura before, but were pleasantly surprised
  • Woody1864
    Want to spy on the rooftop gardens across Seville, then this is the place to go. After a short wait for the previous visit to finish we took a short ride up in a very small lift as the stairs cannot be used. However the wait and cramped lift were absolutely worth the wait as the views across the rooftops of Seville were great, although if you don't have a head for heights you might not want to venture out on to the rather narrow 360 degree balcony and just rely on the projected image inside.The guide spoke good English and as he manoeuvred the camera around and zoomed in and out we were given a brilliant 360 degree guided tour of Seville and the surrounding 7km.A really worthwhile visit, exceptionally well priced and while you visiting have a light lunch in the restaurant below.
  • 79sarahp
    We went her as it was close to our hotel and we needed to kill some time before getting a taxi to the airport. However this is well worth making the effort to see. Didn't look promising from the outside - just a tower with a periscope at the top. However you can see the whole of Seville from the viewing platform and if you pay a little extra for the Camera Oscura (tickets from cafe opposite 4 euro) a very nice man will show you this on the periscope. Tours are normally conducted in Spanish so this is worth bearing mind. However much of the experience is visual, It was really interesting - we were very pleasantly surprised
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