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el torcal natural park

el torcal natural park

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    A beautiful expanse of land decorated by dramatic natural rock formations.


  • 670allisond
    El Torcal is such a beautiful and unique place that is great for a short hike or several hours of adventure. The visitor center is informative and tells you how the strange rock formations were carved by wind and water. If you're lucky and keep an eye out, you may even see an ibex (I've been super lucky to see an ibex both times I have visited, so it is possible, just keep and eye out!) ;)
  • Jo1011
    We visited the El Torcal Natural park in early March. Since the temperatures in Antequera were chilly we carried warm layers. But it turned out to be a sunny and warm day so we did not need the layers. For people with even a little experience hiking - I would suggest taking the longer route. It has more spectacular views and you will be away from most of the crowd. There had been a little rain before our hike so some of the areas were a little slippery - but nothing that could not be handles with a little care. We did not get to see any animals unfortunately - but did see a lot of droppings! The interpretive center was not very impressive. I would not spend any time on it - just go and hike!
  • Gwenbry
    Enjoyed this park. We hiked among the rock formations, saw several ammonite fossils. Looked for ibex but not lucky enough. The views of the countryside are spectacular.The introductory film at the visitors center was well done with English subtitles
  • jonobass
    The atmosphere in this natural park is like nothing that I have ever experienced. The monolithic stone formations are truly breathtaking and the air feels so still. Well-worth a detour and make sure that you have plenty of room on your camera's memory card!
  • JavierCalvoMerchan
    What a mind blowing place, I never thought that rocks could get into such marvellous shapes.When I was once told at school that calk could be disolved in water creating what is called a karst, I couldn't stop laughing.But I was absolutely wrong, when you arrive to the torcal for the first time, you will realize that geology is not a mith, is a real science. By contemplating such an amazing lanscape you will understand that we all take part of something that's much bigger than we are. And we have the duty of preserve it.
  • Q9971TEsarahg
    As someone who did Geology A'level, I love a good rock but anyone must appreciate how amazing this limestone scenery is!We came in February so there had been a fair amount of rain. It was ridiculously muddy & we only had trainers and although we managed, walking boots would be much better. The terrain was quite challenging - we did the 2.5km walk and it took us nearly 3 hours (it would be less in drier conditions) but it was well worth the effort. Thank goodness for digital cameras as the urge to take loads of photos is irresistable.My husband bought the map in the shop for 3.5EUR but it wasn't that helpful.This is not good for people who can't walk far or with young children although there is a cafe and a short flat walk so you can still appreciate the views.
  • MarkeleH
    My friends and I visited El Torcal, and I was truly amazed to discover such an amazing place like this. The quirky shapes of the stones are just a wonder to observe for ages, and the whole landscape with unlimited canons makes you travel above time and location. I highly recomend visiting it!
  • taffglasgow
    We visited late Sunday morning , car park was full but locals seemed happy to abandon cars on side of road . Take extra clothing as it is much colder up there , we stopped for tapas in small village called Villa de la Concepcion . Food and atmosphere was excellent , full of local familes having late Sunday lunch.
  • mlh1918
    Just the drive into the park is amazing with wonderful vistas and incredible rock formations. But the drive is just a taste of what is to come. We stopped for lunch at the park restaurant and the food was really good. American National Parks, take note! After lunch, we hiked the short loop and saw several Ibex, a species that had eluded us the two years we lived in Switzerland. The rock formations are amazing and we saw more Ibex on our drive out of the park. I have achilles tendinitis and so used walking poles but they are a good idea for anyone as the trail is littered with rocks and the day we went it had been raining and so the trail was slick. There are many signs guiding you to the park which made finding it easy. There is no admission fee and ample (free) parking. We will definitely come back.
  • 560warwickd
    Spectacular geology; amazing views. Useful visitor centre and cafe.Take good walking boots for the walks.
  • Turista-Inglesa
    .Those of you who have been to the Yorkshire site of Brimham Rocks near Pateley Bridge will find something very similar here, but on a larger scale.It is about a 20 minute drive from Antequera, with car parking at the cafeteria at the end of the single-track access road. Just cross your fingers that a busload of trippers doesn't come in the opposite direction!It is high up - our satnav said that we were at 1,234 metres above sea-level in the car park.There is a viewpoint where you can see down to the sea about 2 minutes walk from the car park. Then to see the best rock formations you can take one of two wayposted walks - green and yellow - which are shown on the map and market with wayposts. One is 45 minutes, one 2 hours.Warning 1: They are called paths, but they are not paths. they are goat tracks between largeish stones, you have to pick your way cautiously all the time or risk a sprained ankleWarning 2: When it has rained, the ground between the stones becomes churned mud, making slipping more likelyWarning 3: at this height it will be cold in winter, even if it is a pleasant 15 degrees down in Antequera, up here it can be closr to zero. Add the wind chill factor.Warning 4: In summer the rocks radiate the sun's heat. You will sizzle and frazzle. Hat, suncream and water necessary.But it is a great site. And sight.
  • davhaz
    Wow, bring your camera, and be amazed at the way nature has shaped the Limestone rocks that millions of years ago were on the sea bed, in some places they look like a giant has placed one slab on top of another and it's all been done by Sun, Rain, Wind, Sleet and Snow
  • Simcik
    Awesome place to visit for all rocky nature lovers! Great for a day trip with friends or family. There are a some different levels walking routes to choose.
  • Nathalie0511
    We visited off season and we loved it. The rock formations were really impressive and the walk was just difficult enough to be entertaining with four teens. Our elderly parents managed too, albeit a lot slower ! I did get the distinct impression the park is used to catering to a large crowd in summer, perhaps making the experience a bit less special.
  • julieandgrantg
    What an amazing place this is. Very unusual dramatic limestone rock formations, interstate flora and fauna.Great walks from the visitor centre. There are two routes, green - approximately 45 minutes and yellow route approximately 2 hours. The patch are well trodden, however, the yellow route requires some scrambling over rocks. Some where in the middle the yellow and green routes collide and you can accidentally get on the wrong path.The cafe offers tapas, drinks and meals. The visitors centre is closed during siesta. Take a picnic if you want to have lunch hidden away on your walk rather than in the cafe.Overly day out.
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