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espectaculo pasion y duende del caballo andaluz

espectaculo pasion y duende del caballo andaluz

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  • ipekbulut
    Nice place to visit especially with children. They really like it very much. In the day time you can visit this place freely and see the horses and their trainers while they are preparing for the show. At night you can participate the show and enjoy it with your family.
  • holidaytime789
    Great show, very entertaining and you sit so close to the ring! Less refined but more entertaining than the show in Vienna. A must for any horse lover. We visited in February and it was not crowded and they were not worried about people taking photos. Worth the 15 euro.
  • Ritarussell
    We went to see this show as a party of 5 adults and 2 children and were pleasantly surprised. The arena itself is located right in the heart of the tourist area in a very old court yard which is open air but the seating is at one end and is undercover.The show consists of different horses and riders showing off their skills, a wagon chase which the kids loved and a girl dancing flamenco twice along side a horse, which was very impressive. The whole show lasted about 80 minutes and is well worth the entrance fee of 15 euros each. Afterwards you can see the horses before you leave. We went to the Sunday lunchtime show but will return next year to see the evening show under the stars, which I think will enhance the experience even more. Well worth adding to your Cordoba itinary
  • LisaP21
    This was the perfect finish to our mini break! Thus us a must see if visiting Cordoba.We bought the tickets from tourist info for 15€ each the day before. The tourist advisor told us to be there 15 mins before the show starts at 8pm to get good seats. We got there at 7.30pm and already there was a long queue. We were thinking there would be a bar inside to get a drink but there wasn't so we bought a drink out of the fridge at the entrance instead. There is a small bar about 100m from the entrance to the stables.These are such beautiful stables and the setting of the paddock was magical and lit up. The horses were beautiful really well groomed and presented immaculately as were the horsemen and the flamenco girls.The riders are all highly skilled and to be so close to see them perform was fantastic. The Husband is not usually impressed by much but he was blown away with the whole show. I won't ruin the surprises in the show by telling you much else. But prepare yo be amazed.A thoroughly enjoyable evening and worth the 15€ entry.We went up to Mercardo Victoria afterwards for food and drinks. That is also worth a visit in the evenings.
  • englishlady_12
    This was a fantastic display of the trusting relationship between horse and rider. These horses are all from the finest stock and have been trained to do amazing things. It was obvious they enjoyed performing to an audience.We sat on rows under cover, whilst the horses performed on an outside sandy arena The horses danced with flamenco dancers, without a rider, just on a leading reign. They were in perfect time to the music.They high stepped to music and raced pulling carraiges.Two white stallions reared up and even jumped to commands.There was a lovely moment when both trainer and flamenco dancer left the arena hand in hand, and the horse quietly and faithfully followed them behindthe show lasts an hour, it is fun for young and old alike. Excellent value.
  • dreamtraveler4
    When you visit a country you need to immerse yourself in their traditions, and the Spanish riding style is a beautiful, highly skilled historical tradition in Andulusia, Spain. We attended an evening performance in Cordoba- had no problem buying tickets there the same day - and it was outstanding. The tradtional costumes were gorgeous, the horses were highly trained and amazing in what they could do, and the flamenco + horsemanship events were truly delightful. There were also carriage performances that amazed us too. Overall, it was a great evening and we felt we had grown to appreciate another side of Spainish culture by witnessing these performances. It was much better live and in person than watching them on tv sometime! Tickets were not expensive and the seating was great. A great thing to do when in Cordoba.
  • josebenjamin
    Last September 19-21st my wife and I spend three days in Cordoba. We enjoyed all the sites and the city itself. At the time we were planning the trip, we had the idea of attending the Horse Show named "Pasion y Duende del caballo Andaluz", and for months we were unable to buy the tickets on-line. Apparently because the days of our visit coincided with a Horse Fair, the entrances were exhausted or otherwise not available. Contacting the Equestrian Society and the tourist office was of no help at all.At the time of our arrival, I asked about the show at the Tourist Information Office located at the RENFE station. To my surprise, the tickets were available. We bought them and we had a pleasant surprise with the show.The display of control, skills, energy and beauty of many kinds is just incredible. Everything was much more than we expected. The complements of dancing, music and lights is just perfect. We enjoyed the whole event very much. It was particularly surprising to watch the old carriages conducted by people dressed in the style of old times. I particularly noticed that all the carriages were conducted by female drivers, I wonder is this was something of a tradition in Spain.To see horse team so masterfully driven by male and female masters was also very impressive and beautiful. Also, we were in awe seeing a male horse master riding a team of four horses while standing on two of them. My only criticism is related to the frustrating experience I had trying to buy entrances on-line. For months I looked into the corresponding website, the first messages I got, were; "Dates not Available", and when the desires dates were finally displayed, the messages changed to; "Overbooking" or "Tickets not available". As I have mentioned before, two days before the show, I was able to buy the entrances at the tourist office, and even on the day of the show, entrances were still on sale a few hours before.If you go to Cordoba try not to miss the horse show at the Royal Stables, and buy the related DVD video. My wife and I are enjoying it very much.
  • im915
    The horse show presents various precision skills for which Andalusian horses, their trainers, and riders, have been famous over the centuries. The setting, too, provides a glimpse into the royal stables, and the horses really are magnificent. Arrive early -- seating is on a 1st come, 1st choice basis.
  • LMS700
    Having experienced the most amazing equine event near cadiz a few years ago we were looking forward to a similar event. Lovely setting and the skill is good. However they tell you what is happening in spanish only and it would have been nice to know the story behind each bit of the show. Dancing was good but seeing a bloke drag a stick around the dirt for 10 minutes was not riveting. Real shame as we felt it was a real let down.
  • DianaH327
    This show was one of the most memorable things during our Spain trip, and as we visited 10 spanish cities, this means it was really worth it. The horses are beautiful, perfectly trained and groomed. It was as if they were truly dancing. The horsemen were amazing too, so skilful. The whole atmosphere was enchanting. We saw the poster for the show at our hotel, then bought the tickets later at the information kiosk near the stables. The tickets were for the same day, no reservation needed. I wish we came a bit earlier when the entrance to the stables (not the show) was still allowed. All in all, the spirit of Andalusia was in the air and left us with a very warm feeling towards cordoba.
  • 711liamm
    I must admit I'm not a huge horse fan, but this was two of the most painstakingly boring hours of my life. Men ride horses in circles, repeat.
  • 555Ramon
    A Great show and I do believe the horses enjoyed it as well.Watch out for the guy with the carriage!
  • 724ml
    Great atmosphere in an outdoor setting. With the setting sun reflected in the sky, lights, music and of course the Andalucian horses showing their skills. It was beautiful to watch the graceful coordination of the horses and the flamenco dancers.
  • LordBM
    Beautiful horses, skilful riders & excellent dancers combined to make this an excellent show.We bought our tickets in advance from our hotel
  • Greennz
    I went with my non- horse loving husband and he thoroughly enjoyed himself. I have since been to the Jerez version - inside, more riders and horses, way more posh. However I found this show which is outside in the most beautiful setting to have more soul, in fact, more than once did it bring tears to my eyes. The horsemanship, the setting, the music and of course those Andalusian horses all came together in perfect harmony. It's an experience I will never forget. If only I could take that chestnut horse home that did the pole display. Photographs are also permissible which they are not in Jerez. I highly recommend you take the time and treat yourself to an unforgettable experience. Every seat gets a perfect view so there's no need to stress in the line.
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