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cabo de gata - nijar natural park

cabo de gata - nijar natural park

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  • LG123
    only drove towards the lighthouse but the road was closed due to the barriers falling away! so we turned back around to find somewhere to eat. its like a ghost town as you enter the park you expect to see a hay bale roll down the street. im sure theres nicer spots but we only went for a quick look and it was bizarre to say the least.
  • Begonia69
    If you are fed up with coast full of buildings and tourists, if you look for something different, don't miss Parque Natural Cabo de Gata-Nijar. You can enjoy nice weather during the whole year (for people running away from very high temperatures, July and August are the hottest months). The landscape is dry but gorgeous, you can eat fresh fish and drink nice wines wherever you go. Don't miss Rodalquilar, where there used to be gold mines managed by a British Company although now you can only visit its ruins. Spend a day visiting wonderful beaches like Genoveses and Monsul. In fact, all the coast has cozy coves, some of them only reachable on foot. Go to Las Negras village and have a tasty paella at El Mantecas restaurant by the sea. There are many other corners in this Nature Reserve you cannot miss. Local small shops sell guides that include trekking routes, bars and restaurants, and places to visit.
  • NormanM241
    It's a big claim, but for the most part of the year, it's true. In July and August, lots of the Spanish cognocenti descend on the beaches of Cabo de Gata in droves. In short - forget it.For the rest of the year it is a simple, undeveloped area of warm, clear water, CLEAN sandy beaches, and small villages where - be warned - your cholesterol values are at risk.Please do not expect the forelock-tugging "Anything for you, MyDarling" playa attitude. It is more " Fish? Shellfish? Of course, but what kind?"Prices? Vary a lot. Please remember though, that a major price driver anywhere in the world is location, and if you want, warmth, tranquility, peace and simple food excellently served, then if the prices are a little bit more than some city prices - trust me, I am happy to pay them.For example, today, we went for lunch with a friend to celebrate her 75th birthday to a little village,on the beach, at the edge of Cabo de Gata. We strolled the length of the beach - about 1km of pure sand, watched the sea, and got cold. After all, in mid-Feb, what do you want?So we went into our favourite restaurant, looking out at the breakers some 50 metres away.After haveing a good surf around the menu, the ladies decide on medallions of pork fillet, served with roasted walnuts and cherry sauce. For me, dogfish (the Spanish call it cazon) which is a tender and tasty whitefish with NO bones whatsoever.So while the kitchen team were doing there magic we relaxed with a bottle of their excellent white wine (a ruedo verdejo).Then came the salad. Fresh, lightly dressed, and refreshing, with a bowl of warmed bread and ali oli. Forgive me, but this was the ultimate ali oli. I asked the waiter the secret, and said "Is no secret. Make some ali oli and add some finely ground almonds! I shall try it out.However, back to the Cabo de Gata itself! If you come to Almeria, do not fail have a day - or two - visiting. You will find the experience, I hope, totally rewarding. Good Travelling.Ohand if you want to know which restaurant I was rambling on about, you will have to wait for about two days while I check some legalities!
  • lindacI6039XV
    Stunning beaches, hidden fishing villages, flamingos and natural beauty, its almost a walk back in time, Spain as it used to be.
  • JanR1208
    Away from the usual Costas this hidden area of Spain is worth a visit. Some beautiful beaches can be found if you look hard enough. Very arrid area but if you know your westerns you will recognise the surrounding landscape just outside the park. Bird watchers will love the flamingos. Only spoiled by one thing - all the greenhouses (so many that apparently you can see them from space)
  • 621DavidR621
    Travelling in a campervan we were recommended to this place by a waiter in Almerimar....what a debt of gratitude we owe him.Hugely disappointed with our experience of so much of the coast line down from Barcelona totally spoiled forever by ugly high rise over development this section of the Spanish coast is a total contrast - pristine, unspoilt and totally gorgeous. First few days spent in Las Negras a pleasant village with lots of eateries and tapas bars and a lovely beach. Moving on to the beach at Playazo Rodalquilar was quite special, no facilities but a fabulous beach, few other people and stunning walking scenery all around along with one of the many old forts overlooking it all. The drives in and out of the park along with the coastline were stunningly beautiful.....a wonderful place we look forward to returning to again....the "real" Spanish coast does exist after all!
  • polly1540402
    We hired a car while on holiday in June and after travelling over the Tabernas Desert we decided to go to this place on the way home. What a drive it was all along the coastal road and what marvellous views there were. We saw the flamingos on the lakes and looked out over the blue, blue Mediteranean Sea absolutely breath taking, and well worth the detour.
  • FernandaCigarra
    San jose will make you feel you are ini the end of the world... isolated and yet with nightlife... beautifull!!!!
  • KaronW780
    Wild and beautiful with absolutely stunning scenery.Great for walking and the beaches are quiet and unspoilt. A true gem.
  • Tlmo84
    I was there with friends last september. It was magical go around by car trying to find the coolest places. There are plenty to visit I guess that you need at least five or six days to visit properly the park. We went to few different beaches all of them really nice with a really clear water to do diving. You can see in many places different colour of fishes that is really cool. One of my favourite places is "Playa de los muertos". Is easy to get there just 30mins driving from Almeria city.
  • BlackAmber
    We took an off road tour with Malcamino's. We started in San Jose and first of all went to two gorgeous beaches - Genoveses and Monsul. The latter appears in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Then we continued along a dirt road which is not open to the public - Malcamino's have a permit. This took us around the coastline and up and over the high point of the area toward the lighthouse. The views were fantastic and in November it was really peaceful. After the lighthouse we went to see the salt pans. There's a hide from where you can watch the local wildlife including flamingoes. Our guide had her own telescope but there is a coin operated one in the hide. We ended up in the visitor centre where there is an interesting museum covering the fauna, flora and geology of the area.I'm not sure the area would have much appeal for young children but it has great hiking opportunities for adults.
  • Ohimesama2012
    if you love nature you will love Cabo de Gata! a wonderful large nature reserve, where you can enjoy long walks in a very dry corner of europe with special fauna and flora, this also underwater - beautiful snorkeling. many beautiful beaches, nice rock formations. in the park you find small villages whith restaurants and shops (e.g. San Jose). there are also some hotels.
  • O6537AAdanielb
    Monsul beach is perfect. Cabo de gata main beach is shingly and a bit boring. The coast road along cabo de gata is nice and the mountain road is epic but not for the faint hearted.
  • Ganlay
    We took a guided jeep tour and it was worth it. Unfortunately it was a windy day so we couldn't do much but we played in the water and generally had a good time, but it's a great place with snorkeling and scuba diving and boat rides. Beautiful.
  • Bulis87
    The Cabo de Gata is a fantastic place to see! and is near located to Almeria. Here is so much to see and the coastline is magnificent. You will love it! good place to hiking, bring walking boots and swimwear.
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