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los millares - museo arqueologico de almeria

los millares - museo arqueologico de almeria

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  • JJHDerbyshire
    The museum contains findings from the Roman and pre-Roman site of Los Millares, which is about 10 miles north of the city and well-worth a visit as well. Entrance to the museum is free for EU citizens and the artifacts are well-displayed on three floors, with signage in Spanish and English. The centrepiece is a huge mock-up of a cross-section through the site, which takes you from 50,000 years ago to the present day. My only criticism is that there was a medieval section which seemed not to bear any relation to the rest and which was not mentioned in the guide book - nor did it have an explanation in English!
  • SverreHunnebostrand
    Los Millares is hard to find and little known by tourist authorities in Andalucia. It is archeological remains of a fortified cupper mining city from pre-celtic times, the place had some 1000 inhabitants and it was related to El Romeral in Antequera and to Baza. Very nice open air museum.
  • 987412
    It is an icredible anciant culture, but don´t go to visit it on summer is very hot, is better on spring or fall.
  • thauken
    The copper age settlement of Los Millares is THE must in this area (17 km outside Almería). The arqueological site consists of a number of fortifications (redoutes) and a main stronghold, civil buildings, walls, tholos graves and covers chronologically the span from 3 500 to 2 250 BC. From this age the site is singular. Well presented both on the site proper and the museum which will also show you a very instructive 9 min. film. Go See!
  • superpup
    Los Millares is a very interesting and beautiful place, well worth a visit. In fact, we will be making another trip there soon, as there is such a lot to see. Be sure to watch the explanatory film before you start out from the Information Centre. It helps if you are able to walk for half an hour or so, as the site is spread over a fairly wide area. Watch out for opening times, I think it's open from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm and possibly later in the day, and may be closed on certain days too.
  • clawfinger
    Went in August 2012. Arrived too late in the day so spent only about 20 minutes there before the site closed. Really disappointed as I love these ancient sites. Gave it 4 stars as I think it would have been worth 4 if I had been able to spend all the time there that I wanted to. It was not easy to find and we drove past it to begin with. It is on the left as you drive towards Almeria. There is a small exhibition and then you walk out some way to the site. It is huge and in the middle of a desert almost. So very hot in August and no where to get drinks so stock up. I saw a massive stone gatehouse, low walls and some hut circles but not much else. If I return to southern Spain I will most certainly visit it again.
  • Sylvia050
    It is quite a drive from Almeria and unless you are into archeology not really worth the visit in my estimation. If you like walking it is ideal as the sites to be seen are some way off from the building which houses the exhibits.
  • MiiaL_12
    This is a very nice yet small museum of the history of Almeria focusing on the very early phases of the history. I especially liked the videos and staged "scenes" because they made it more alive. Staff was friendly and helpful and the museum was free. This is a nice way to spend an hour or so.
  • thorsteng205
    Man denkt bei Vergangenheit immer irgendwie an "einfache Lebensweise" in kleineren Hütten, zumal das was einen erwartet 4000 bis 5000 Jahre alt ist. Was sich dann aber präsentiert und als Grundmauern zu sehen ist, ist eine echte Befestigungsanlagen der Kupferzeit. Ein kleines Museum führt in die Geschichte ein und gibt einem einen Vorabüberblick.Auch ein kurzer Film in Englisch und Spanisch ist verfügbar, den man sich unbedingt ansehen sollte, um die Grundmauern besser zu verstehen.Es gibt dann drei Routen, die man erwandern kann, gespickt mit Karten und Tafeln, damit man die Mauern, die übrig sind, richtig zuordnen und einordnen kann.Man darf allerdings kein Disneyland erwarten. dies hat man dann eher bei den benachbarten Westernstädten. Hier findet man einen Platz, der nicht verkommerzialisiert ist und bei dem man die Vorstellungskraft etwas spielen lassen muss.Einziger Kritikpunkt (aber vielleicht auch eine Rettung, da man ja noch andere Dinge sehen möchte): Die Öffnungszeiten! 10 - 14 Uhr ist einfach zu kurz für stärker interessierte Besucher.
  • jngsax
    Museo que expone muy bien y de manera muy clara los contenidos que expone. Mezcla lo el arqueológico con arte moderno, con algunas exposiciones nuevas o algunas instalaciones. Muy pedagógico y todo muy bien expuesto.
  • antoniot109
    Si te gustán los restos arqueológicos, es un sitio donde ver los vestigios del neolitico, pero además tiene unas reproduciones de las casas y contumbres muy ilistrativas.
  • Angemby
    Yacimiento arqueológico descubierto por Louis Siret, muy bien conservado y con una reproducción de la aldea tal y como era, también teneis la posibilidad de visitar un dolmen situado junto al poblado, un autentico dolmen del periodo Calcolítico
  • Manolodelaoliva64
    La verdad es que me gusto todo lo que allì hay, todo en muy buen estado de conservación y gratuito.No hay bastante publicidad para este museo.
  • 995manug
    Muy recomendable para aquellos que gustan de ver como vivieron nuestros primeros pobladores. Un rincon de la prehistoria para escapar de la tension de lo moderno
  • mevuelvoloco
    Es bastante sencillo, nada espectacular pero se respira la historia. no ir en las horas de mas sol, mejor por las mañanas.
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