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plaza de toros de vera

plaza de toros de vera

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  • berkeleyh2014
    A fab place to visit but all a bit unofficial. I have a place in Vera Playa and have visited a few times a year for 7 years. We always drive passed the Bull Ring and especially with friends or family we stop by. The same chap is always there every day who beckons you in to have a look. Tips are the payment and we have decided we tip 5 euros per person. He will encourage you to buy some tourist bits which are fine. He speak no english but we get the picture. I believe he was an actual bull fighter in his day! Very welcoming and hospitable. We always thank him and stay there longer to wonder around on our own - explore every bit; medical centre, prays room, bull entry bay, seats and entrance. We have attended a horse show there one evening and the Spanish arrive late with the whole family with cushions, cool boxes and great spirits - I just need to see a bull fight - I can never find out when!
  • patrickchristine
    Even if the kill of the Bull is not to your liking, like myself its worth a visit for the History. The Museum is free. We went in the morning and the sun is not as strong as the bull ring and seating around is open to the sun. The very welcoming gentleman at the entrance is a benefit to your visit, He shows you the very small gift shop and where the loos are. We parked just outside of the bull ring near to Iceland (yes they have a shop here also) free. The documents and letters costumes and the posters are very colourful. We spent some time there you see where the Matadors go for treatment. Also there is a Private viewing area where the president enjoys the Bull Fight. There are still shows which start at around 30 euros and go up to higher amounts which are in shaded area. All areas of the bull ring are open but some need a steady foot, good shoes are called for. Just outside of the Bull ring is a coffee shop a nice stop in the shade.
  • LindaH374
    The Plaza de Toros de Vera was recommended to us by a friend. We called in one morning and a very pleasant Spanish gentleman greeted us at the entrance. The museum is free and although we did not understand the language it was still possible to enjoy the culture of the place. As you drive up from Garrucha the Bull Ring is clearly visible in the distance on the ring road. We purchased a couple of posters and gave a few euros to the older guy who is a former matador. We also took many photos and enjoyed holding the Cape while another of us aimed a dummy bull towards it. Funny! We then drove into the town of Vera for coffee where you can park on the street for a small fee. Parking outside the Bull Ring is free. When we drove by later around 2pm the Bull Ring was closed. There are toilets inside with a picture of a Spanish lady or Spanish man on the door.
  • Joso625
    Whether you agree with the Spanish culture of bullfights or not, this is worth a visit if you go to Vera.It is easy to find by local bus or any street map of the town and very visible as you approach Vera.The arena is quite spectacular from the outside and as we walked into the entrance gateway were met by two lovely Spanish gentlemen. They only spoke Spanish & our knowledge of the language is very limited, but we learnt a lot from them and they tried their best to be a guide to us! There are lots of photo opportunities and they will show you how to stand and swish the matadors cape before you have a go yourself! It is quite a wonderful building and houses a museum also. There is no charge for the bullring or the museum. Everything is in Spanish, but the pictures tell a lot and there are many objects to view including a display of clothing worn by matadors.The men have a little shop with a few things for sale, fans, keyrings etc., but there is also the chance to purchase publicity posters from previous bullfights in Vera. My children took a while choosing which one to take home!We were the only tourists viewing this at the time and we could take our time looking at things on our own or with assistance of the guides. You could tell that they were proud and so enthusiastic to share this part of their culture with us.Well worth the visit.
    Siempre habia visto una plaza de toros o por la tele o en el tendido y aqui he tenido la ocasion de ver una desde dentro. Algo curioso . Aqui tienes la oportunidad de verlo todo el ruedo ,la capilla ,los chiqueros....Todo esta limpio y muy curioso .Al salir te piden la voluntad
  • X6027OLmartinl
    Preciosa plaza de toros construida aprobechando un antiguo anfiteatro romano, sin duda uno de los sitios con mas historia de esta ciudad.
  • 5pilarc
    Es una plaza de toros pequeña pero con historia y encanto. Aunque hacía mucho calor. La persona que nos atendió muy amable.
  • 4567169
    Утром мы проезжали на машине мимо Plaza de Toros и остановились, чтобы сделать пару снимков снаружи. У центрального входа нас заметил один пожилой señor и, махнув нам приветливо рукой, пригласил зайти во внутрь. Этот радушный señor в возрасте обрадовался нашему нежданному утреннему визиту и пригласил посмотреть музей Plaza de Toros de Vera, рассказав его историю, и показав арену с амфитеатром для боя быков. Было заметно, что для этого человека испанская коррида — это большая часть его жизни: он рассказывал, улыбаясь и прищуриваясь, о знаменитых торерос (оказывается, среди них были и женщины!!!)... о сильных и умных быках... об удачах и неудачах, как случается в жизни... К сожалению, не помню имя этого замечательного сеньора, но мы не забудем его настоящее и доброе гостеприимство незнакомого нам человека :))На Plaza de Toros de Vera проходят не только бои быков, но и разные концерты, спектакли, шоу с лошадьми...Утром вход в Plaza de Toros и музей был бесплатный, когда там нет коррид или шоу. По желанию посетителей можно было оставить добровольное пожертвование на поддержание музея.
  • Jguinead
    Nunca había visitado un plaza de toros por dentro y fue una experiencia curiosa ,la plaza está abierta al público y en la entrada un señor muy amable nos explico y enseño la plaza,su historia,pudimos ver la capilla,la zona donde esperan los toros antes de ser lidiados etc..y no te cobran nada que me sorprendio
  • Innovalias
    Te invito a conocer la Plaza de Toros de Vera, en Almería. Esta abierta al publico todo el año, excepto en los días de las corridas de toros (mes de septiembre). Te puedo enseñar todos los entrecejos del mundo taurino en esta población.La puedes visitar cuando quieras, pero también te la puedo enseñar como guía turístico. Localizame a través de las redes sociales.
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