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cuevas de sorbas

cuevas de sorbas

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    You can visit the gypsum Sorbas caves in different ways depending on your...


  • Ajfornham
    Not for claustrophobics and for the Ruta Básica you need to be able to handle rough paths, clambering over sometimes slippy rocks and a dash of crawling on all fours. We booked online (13€ pp low season) and were lucky enough to be the only couple with personal attention from the charming multilingual guide. Asthmatics may find it dusty. Top tip, google "geology Sorbas basin" for an excellent background pdf guide in English from junta de andalucia. ALSO, don't miss the (three-course inc. a drink) Menú del Día in the attached bar/restaurant (10% discount if you show cave receipt). The food is cheap (10€ pp) but EXCELLENT and it's a pleasant setting for a lunch or a drink.
  • 383paulinej
    I have just experienced the 'easy' tour €15. A lovely walk up to the cave and lovely and cool inside after a week of 40 degrees! A young lady also found the climbs and crawls challenging and told me that although the web site advertised suitable for small children, she was pleased she hadn't taken her 4 year old. The guide was very knowledgeable and spoke to us Brits and the Germans in our group. She took our photos, coplete with our helmets with lights (no other lighting) after a climb through a particularly narrow gap ( not for the corpulent as the advice on the advert). Photos were only €4 and a lovely memento after all the hard slog. Wouldn't go again as I found the going hard, a couple of German ladies went back to base after trying to climb the first steep rocks. I had to be hauled up by a german gentleman, or I would have had to go back also. I was very worried at times and thought it a miracle not to have a sprained ankle at least. There was a route for a stretcher if someone did have a mishap!!!It was an amazing experience and feel quite proud that I managed albeit with help from the `german and the guide.Advice needs to be more specific and stress the climbing and crawling involved.
  • Stevebutt1953
    My partner and I visits the caves with our 2 grandsons aged 7 & 10, we went on the 1&1/2 hr guided tour which they advertise as easy , my partner is aged 65 and is fairly active, but she did find some of the tight gaps and high steps to climb vert difficult.i would not recommend this tour unless you are fit and playable, it was no problem for the rest of us and the guide was very informative.
  • AlanJuliet
    Incredibly knowledgeable guide very friendly and spoke several languages. Also very patient with slow middle aged woman!
  • KarenPUAE
    Entrance fee was quite high, but as we had travelled from Mojacar to see them, we paid the 13 Euros each and joined a Spanish speaking guide (no English and we do not speak Spanish). It was actually very good. The route was fairly easy, doing the Ruta Basica, but if you were claustrophobic, this might not be the attraction for you as we squeezed through fairly tight holes in the rock with only our head torches for illumination. The gypsum caves are quite astonishing as there is very little rain, so they are well preserved. We would like to return to do the longer, more "caving" experience. The guide was really friendly even if she spoke no English, she spoke slowly enough that we could get the gist of what she was talking about, and the family and other person in the group tried to give us little translations of the key points. The site also has nice walking trails and a cafe (with wifi) and toilets etc. We will visit again
  • ErnestoManchester
    This is an extensive show cave in gypsum, rather than the more common limestone, conducted by a guide. The gypsum deposits of the Sorbas basin are the most extensive in Europe. It is very pleasantly cool to visit during summer time. There is a visitor centre with a bar and restaurante, so it is well worth returning to in the eveing for a meal if you are staying nearby.
  • ladyhotelier
    We, three adults, visited the caves on a dull day in November. We did the Ruta Basica which was about an hour and a quarter long and reasonably easy. You need sensible footwear and a willingness to do a bit of scrambling - oh, and you need to be happy squeezing through fairly small spaces. The caves are completely authentic, no lights, no steps, so you wear a helmet with a light on it. There were only five of us on our tour, us and a Spanish couple and our bi-lingual lady guide was fantastic. I'm sorry I didn't get her name. She was good fun, efficient and very keen to make sure we all had a good, safe time. I would recommend this trip to anyone with a reasonable fitness level, It's also good value at 13 euros per adult.
  • 995karenr995
    A really interesting afternoon was spent here. The caves really are quite stunning. Learnt a lot about stalegnites/stalegtites etc. not expensive either. Would like to go back. A scary drive back to Garrucha over the mountains so make sure you take the correct turning. Worth a visit
  • A1icious
    Went on a trip with my mother (73), husband and step daughter (10) and we all had a really great time, so it's something that would suit any non-claustrophobic family.Bits of the caves are very beautiful with large glistening gypsum crystals in the walls and ceiling. There are some high bits that are very easily walked through and other bits that involve some crouching, scrambling and squeezing, but our guide made sure we were all comfortable with all of it and in some places gave us the choice to go over or under big rocks.Parking is in a large car park (though there's very little shade, so your car will get hot in the sun) and then you walk a short distance to the centre where there is a gift shop, bar/cafe and where you get kitted out with helmets, lights, etc. Wear good shoes (not flip-flops) and clothes that can get dirty and possibly damp. This is not like some tours where it's all on concrete paths with safety barriers - it's really fun!Once kitted out you'll be taken on a short walk along a lovely gorge until you reach the cave entrance.I'd recommend this to anyone!
  • alexanderSpain
    make sure you have trainers and socks on , it is a little bit away from the coast but a bit of fun when you are feed up with the beach . easy to find and easy to park
  • loopy_smith
    The caves are gypsum caves and although there is glistening gypsum in the rocks, once you have seen one cave the rest follow suit. We paid 44€ for 2 adults and 2 small children and the tour was just over an hour long. I'm glad we went but value for money isn't great.
  • pal_543
    Great fun. I went with a group of friends of all ages and we all enjoyed it. The kids especially thought it an exciting adventure. I´ll go back next time I am in the area and do one of the more difficult tours. Very friendly staff.
  • mevuelvoloco
    la ruta básica es apta para prácticamente cualquier persona. no dura mas de 45 minutos. es entretenida y didáctica. pasamos un buen rato. la guía era muy profesional, divertida y atenta.no se ven estalactitas ni estalagmitas.quizás el precio parezca elevado pero si algo queremos conservar y que funcione es normal que lo paguemos. en el resto de Europa te cobran por todo y precios mas elevados
  • Estetelle
    Nous avons adoré cette visite de grotte, très ludique, presque de la spéléo, ça change des autres grottes. Guide sympathique et intéressant mais visite qu'en espagnol ou anglais. Certains pourraient ne pas comprendre toutes les explications. Pas possible de prendre des photos, dommage. Mais la visite vaut vraiment le coup.
  • AlejandroBP
    Poca profesionalidad porque después de haber consultado los horarios cuando llegamos habían anulado la visita de esa hora porque...había pocas visitas durante esas fechas (finales de julio) y sin previo aviso; pensé que con esa actitud mucha gente puede marchar...y tendrán menos visitas.La visita es recomendable para ir con niños pequeños, como es nuestro caso, aunque el precio es muy elevado. Comparativamente pocos días después pagamos el mismo precio por entrar en la Alhambra, con la diferencia de que en ésta los niños no pagaban.Lo mejor, la visita en sí, interesante, entretenida y hasta divertida, por obra y arte de nuestro guía.
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