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playa de los muertos

playa de los muertos

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  • siguiendoaltaxi
    One of the best beaches I've ever been. You have to walk down 10 mins to arrive to the beach, it's better not to go in flip flops and avoid extraweight and big accesories. Take into account that you will have to carry them all the trek back till the top.In July and August, it's better to go during the working days (less people)
  • gordons191
    Been there a few times and it is a great beach, however you have to be quite fit to reach it !Take all food and water/drinks etc with you and expect to spend most of the day there to get enough energy for the trek back !
  • kittysb
    worth the walking down, because you have to leave the car on top where the park is. Get some sandwiches and drinks and enjoy it all day , it's beautiful. By the way don't go in flip flops
  • Emiliebro
    best beach visited in spain, don't be scared by the way down it is so worth it (although i wouldnt do it with kids or elderly pers).
  • WakefieldBex
    This beach is beautiful! You have to park in a car park at the top of the road which is €4 and then it is a 10 minute walk down it the beach, it is quite steep coming back up to the road so elderly and small children may find it difficult but once at the bottom the beach is amazing! It is a shingle beach so don't be expecting golden sandy beaches but the sea is crystal blue and the fish you can see are amazing! Well worth the 10 - 15 minute walk down There is a little cabin selling food and drink next to the car park but once down on the beach there are no amenities at all so be sure to stock up on water on the way down and don't forget anything from your car as it is a long walk back up!
  • Natalie_Deduck
    This is an amazing beach to spend all day long! Transparent water, clear sand and rocks, some shadows... Perfect to snorkel, swim, and relax.The crowd is very mixed, but mostly spanish people.Bring with you some fruits, water and enjoy the day!!!To reach the beach we have to walk arounf 30 minuts hill down, super easy and worth!!!
  • 匿名
    It a really wonderful and calm beach, very clean ! The water is pure and crystal! Thero are a lot of nudists , but it's natural and this is The nature!
  • muchacho_13
    If you are not dead on the walk down you very nearly will be on the walk back up. Great beach. Great snorkelling. Gruelling road and no facilities so make sure you take food & plenty of drink. Well worth a visit.
  • AdiBrown
    Fantastic beach with brilliant snorkelling and beach bar set in natural surroundings. Good place to visit if you are in the area but just a little tricky and challenging to get to.
  • ptrcvd
    The beach is found by driving out of Carbonaras past the cement factory. This possibly gives a clue to one of the drawbacks as the very same factory can be seen from the beach. A car park at the top has plenty of room but again the 4 euro charge seems excessive when you can visit so many other areas in the area with free parking. There is then a 400 metre walk down a very bumpy cliff path which is quite steep in places. Not so bad going but not easy when returning.The beach itself is a long stretch of what is mainly coarse sand. The sea is super but shelves very steeply quite quickly. The cliff and large rocks at the right hand end can provide some shade but facilities are lacking unlike so many nearby beaches. There are no toilets or showers and refreshments are limited to beach vendors carrying cool bags.The beach is very popular during holiday periods but is so large there is always room for everyone. Some naturists will be seen scattered amongst everyone else but in the normal Spanish manner no one seems to worry.A good place to spend the day as long as you are fit enough to get to it in the first place.
  • Demetrio-T
    Playa de los Muertos, is one of dream beaches, i may say the most beautiful beach on Spain (excepting Canaries, Balleares and other island beaches).I discovered the island on the internet and i decided to go with my wife as i saw the beautiful pictures.The beach is wonderful, like in a ferry tale, the sea water is crystal clear, the beach is not sandy it covered by fine gravel, and by beautiful white flowers.Behind the beach are impressive high hills, and rising from the water a massive tall rock.We arrived in the morning at 9.00AM, and discovered that on the entire beach was only 4 persons.The beach is very quiet and is not crowded.At the midday, on the beach were about 20 persons.We loved this romantic and beautiful beach even it has a strange name.The water in September was very good to swim, and we have grate weather, with hot sun.The difficult part for us was to reach the beach.In the reviews on internet no one says if you don't have the car is difficult to reach it on foot.We take from Almeria Estacion Intermodal (Buss and Train Station) a bus from Carboneras.The service was provided by Frahemar Autocares and we bayed tickets (5 euros/person one way) from the driver, as is most common in Spain to buy from the driver.The Frahemar bus service is not frequently as we saw on their web site.Carboneras is a very nice city with a very long beach and promenade. From Carboneras city center we have to walk because there is no buss or shuttle to the Playa de Los Muertos.It was a very long walk, along the beach, until we reached on the right side the city heat plant and a cement factory, from there we have to walk along the highway through the Cabo de Gata Natural Park.The highway is not provided for pedestrian walk or bike so was very unpleasant walk.It take us 2 hours walking as we were walking about 7 km.At the end we reached the parking area and information point to visit the beach.From here, up on high hill, we walk about 15 minutes, descending in a mountain like road with rocks and vegetation. Over all it worth-ed the sacrifice to walk 14 km and climb the high hills because the scenery and beach are magical.I must say that on the end of the beach near by the tall massive stone rising from water we saw some couples practicing nudism.The beach does not provide any services like toilets, water to drink, fast food, lifeguard or rescue.
  • uniquealmeria
    This is by far the best beach of all Costa de Almeria. You'll rather feel being in the Carribean rather than in Spain. However, in order to get there one will be prepared to do some hiking first!
  • Davidps83
    Hace unos años le daría 5 estrellas sin dudarlo, pero hay demasiada gente, pegado a la playa de los muertos en dirección a carboneras hay una cala exactamente igual que la playa de los muertos pero más pequeña y menos conocida y si haces snorkel hay un ancla enorme de un barco hundida que mola un montón
  • glmartita
    Playa de difícil acceso debido a su ubicación, hay que salvar el desnivel del terreno a través de un camino sin sombra y con bastantes piedras. Al estar ubicada dentro del Parque Natural, no existe ningún tipo de servicios en la playa, por lo que no resulta adecuada para familias con niños pequeños, ni personas que vayan buscando playas que les ofrezcan todo tipo de servicios. Hay que tener mucho cuidado los días de viento y marejada, al tratarse de una playa tan abierta, puede ser muy peligrosa, os podéis informar del estado del mar una vez lleguéis al parking, hay banderas que lo indican. El parking es de pago, al menos en los meses de verano.A pesar de todos los "peros", es una playa excepcional, con agua cristalina y un marco incomparable para pasar el día con tu pareja o grupo de amigos.
  • pechum
    Está bien, pero no merece la pena la caminata. El baño muy rico, con agua cristalina. Ir con niños un poco aventurado.
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