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bolonia beach

bolonia beach

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  • ddbxl
    Water is colder than in the mediterranean. Apart from that, it is definitely the best beach in its category. You cannot miss this beach if you are within two-hours drive of the place.
  • Kenchenko8
    I don't like beaches generally ....but I loved Bolonia beach.Bolonia is an hours drive from Manila. It has beautiful golden sand and clear waters. The walk up the sand dune is lung busting but you get a great view of the beach. Highly recommend.
  • DGB-2011
    15 minutes past Tarifa, is this amazing beach - the same white soft sand but with the added bonus of a massive sand dune (which the kids love to trek up and roll down). Seriously this is a big dune which will take 20 minutes to walk up.The beach is next to Baelo Claudia - (apparently) the most preserved Roman Village outside of Italy - these ruins are magnificent and well worth the journey (entrance was free because we were British,, not sure why though)
  • 19rogerm48
    What a beautiful beach - I was there with my son who lives in Gibraltar a couple of days ago. The beach is about 14 miles by road from Tarifa - it is about 4 kilometres in length, is unspoiled and stretches away to an impressive sand dune at one end. It is backed by natural countryside stretching up to the backdrop of the mountains. There are 2 chiringuitos where you can spend time relaxing and drinking and talking. Then there is the added attraction of the remains of the Roman town of Baelo Claudia just off the beach which are very interesting to visit. The day we were there there was a small market just back from the beach.
  • MatejaVrckovic
    Beutiful,long,clean beach,love it. For fun you can climb on sand dune on the end of the beach, we have some much fun. :)
  • porter_osborne
    My wife and i spent the afternoon on Bolinia during our anniversary trip in may 2010.. Great beach and on the clear day we could see africa, a real treat for us Americans..Enjoyed cerveas and appetizers at the cantina on the beach. Good food and beer at inexpensive prices. Can not comment on hotels. Wewereonly passing through on the way to malaga. Roman ruin was closed for the day, Wish we could have stayed longer and hope to return
  • pjsv
    A fantastic beach, basically unspoilt with an enormous sand dune at one end. The water is very nice and warmer than on Costa del Sol. When the mist lifts in the afternoon you can see the African coast across the straits. And if you want to do something more intellectual than sunbathing, you can visit the Roman ruins of the old settlement a few meters from the beach.There are a couple of restaurants near the beach, nothing fancy but they serve what you need. There are also possibilities to stay overnight, but we always go on day trips. 1½ hours driving from Costa del Sol.
  • AMYM6678
    We visited Bolonia late in the evening in April and it was a little chilly. We had the entire beach to ourselves. Beautiful white sand. Nice for shell/rock hunting. It was a little windy, but this area is known for wind. There are supposed to be some Roman Ruins nearby, but we weren't able to find them.
  • jodydeath
    I shouldn't be writing this, as a part of me thinks this should be a hidden gem, but this beach is incredible. White sand, crystal clear water and hard to get to... all good points, as it keeps the beach not too crowded. It's a very big beach too, which means, if you really want to get away from the more crowded area all you have to do is park the car and walk east for half an hour or so... The roman ruins and the free range cattle make it an even more interesting place.Hardly no accommodation round the area (another good point) so you might have to stay in a nearby town, such as Tarifa or Vejer...
  • Pablo_de_Ronda
    I've been to Bolonia 5 times. With my first wife and son some years ago, with my second wife a couple of times in the last couple of years from our home in the Serranía de Ronda, with German in-laws last year and with German step-children on my birthday this year.It's actually our favourite beach, of all the ones we've tried.However, I've yet to see a nude or a sunbed! Obviously we go to the wrong bits of the beach.Baelo Claudio, the Roman settlement referred to by another poster, is simply stunning.
  • dthresher
    Just a fab place to go.Youre within a drive of about 1 and a half hours from Malaga.Ive also flown via Jerez and dont recall it being much more so communications are good.You are within a short drive to Tarifa a small but beautiful town full of Moorish influence and where you can get your groceries,have a meal, a wander or ferry to Morocco.In fact you are about 20kms from Africa (the straits of Gibraltar) so there are fantastic views of the Atlas Mountains.They were to/might construct a tunnel from Bolonia to Morocco its that close.Or you can drive North to Jerez (Horse Festival a must) or Cadiz or many other places.Festivals are however a must.Manzanillo my fave.Very dry fortified wine, (you must not call it Sherry at any cost).As for Bolonia itself.Ive never been in high season.I tend to go Easter or late September but cant imagine it changes much.A beautiful beach of miles and miles of white sand.A working village lived in by locals.The normal main bar/hotel (very down to earth) and a couple of shops and restaurants.I always go to Don Pedro.A small group of self contained flats with a swimming pool ( seldom visit as beach 100 m down the road) and lovely owners.Oh and it has a National Heritage site.Claudio something or other.A complete Roman town ( or at least the ruins) which is somewhat bizarre.A complete town,houses,streets everything in this little place.You can walk around (free for EEC or is it EU members) and there may be no more than a dozen people there.Go!
  • joggernaut
    I stayed in tarifa for a long weekend and rather than cram in the local tarifa beach we hired a car and drove the coastal road to Bolonia beach. Great drive, reminded me of Mexico with windmills, all sunflowers, winy roads and cacti.Bolonia beach is about 30 mins drive from Tarifa, An amazing beach, not many people about either.the sand is white, the beach is long and the sea is crysta blue. lots of sun lungers for hire and also the umbrella. cost about €5.ofcourse there's the wind but its not that bad plus it cools you down.there's also a few beach front restuarantsbliss
  • robertob757
    Posto poco turistico, ma se capitate nelle vicinanze non dovete farvelo scappare! La spiaggia è bellissima e arrampicarsi sulla duna è un'esperienza indimenticabile. La vista è favolosa, si vedono perfettamente le rovine romane (ben conservate) e una natura ancora selvaggia.
  • maison57b
    mooi schoon strandwinkeltje in de buurt en een aangenaam strandtentjeweinig tot geen faciliteiten op het strand zelf
  • Simonasalso
    e' incantevole!! è tappa obbligata per la visita all'Andalisia. è vero che noi italiani di resti romani ne abbiamo tantissimi, ma qui sono sulla spiaggia e il paesaggio è davvero bello! La vista poi sul marocco è affascinate e incantevole è la Duna. Sono arrivata alla spiaggi di Bolonia dalla passeggiata partendo dal faro di Paloma... bello!
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