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monastery sant pere de rodes

monastery sant pere de rodes

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    We walked to this monastery..... Well worth the climb up the hill. There is a road for those not on a walking holiday. The restaurant looked good but was shut out of season. If you want an even better view you can scramble up the hill to the ruins above the monastery. Understand from husband that views worth the effort. I did the monastery tour instead.
  • mtngate
    We wholly advise making this pilgrimage up the mountain to this monastery. We saw it in the clouds on a rainy day, with no one present, and it was moving. The glimpse into the life at the monastery is intriguing.Then, best of all would be the restaurant that has a view all the way to the ocean. Closed on this rainy day, but it has a great menu and amazing seating inside a portion of the old monastery. Nice bookstore, but a portion of the research area was closed due to funding cuts. I still consider it one of the highlights of seeing the old structures.
  • chefbax
    The monks knew how to find peace and tranquillity when they built Sant Pere de Rodas.The restoration is impressive, but somehow steel beams holding up parts of the building seem out of place. Well sign posted inside and a good guide book in English given at the ticket office, 4.50 euros entry. Two car parks available, the second one I choose was still a 10 minute walk to the monastery, the other one about 20 mins walk. A good experience with impressive views.
  • 761martinf
    I cycled from our hotel up to the monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes. It is only 9 km but very steep, but you have lovely views of the Med.
  • palostaunau
    I have visited for the first time the Monastery Sant Pere de Rodes and I think it is a fantastic place to visit. The romanic style, the views and I did enjoy the restaurant, specially the ambiance. I am so happy I have the opportunity to visit, eventhough I think it is not very well market outside Catalunya.
  • NuriaVidalll
    I had visited that place fifty years ago when I was an adolescent. I never forgot the spot! I recently went back and enjoyed the restauration, the views and the explanations of the guide. Still research, of one of the most enigmatic places in Catalonia where the benedictine monks lived, is going on. The view of the Cape de Creus from here is one of the most impressive views I keep in my mind. It is the beginning of the Santiago Way for Catalans, which crosses all the northern part of the Iberian Penninsula.
  • wsh_12
    Beautiful monastery which has been sympathetically restored. Visited it probably 10 years ago and when we re visited I couldn't believe how much it has been improved.Lots of great views and when we visited there were pianists practising in the church which was magicalThe restaurant has a limited menu( not great for children) but it has to be the restaurant with the best view in Spain?The drive up to the monastery is not for the faint hearted and there is a 10 minutes walk from the parking area
  • Beckinhill
    Our accommodation was a fair distance from here, so a grey day in northern costa brava was enough reason to take the drive here. An exciting drive up a narrow and steep hill to the site adds to the fun, and you can drive down the other side of the mountain for a different aspect.The Monastery itself was intriguing, and incredibly well restored. It was refreshing to see the only language options for the audio tour were French Spanish and Catalan! €14 for a family ticket, well worth it!,
  • RamblerDevizes
    We came over from France, with only a rather limited map which told us the Monastery was the place to get information about the surrounding national park, so finding such a monument was a huge bonus. The views are amazing, and the monastery interesting and atmospheric, although the restoration work seems to use regrettable quantities of breeze blocks and cement. The fairly long walk from car park to monastery was very nice, with many birds singing their heads off.We also thought the head honcho in the restaurant had not been to charm school. We only had a beer, but decided he felt he should be working at a luxury hotel on the coast and was dissatisfied the way his career was unfolding. As someone else has said, this would n.ot be remotely suitable for anyone with a wheelchair or mobility problems
  • MarthainLondon
    This amazing building was first built in the 6th century, and became a monastry in the 9th century. Eventually fell into decay in 1835 following attacks by bandits and French troops. The building fell into ruin before being declared a monument of historic interest in 1930, when the first restoration work began. Very austere on the outside, one would be tempted to pass by on the road below. If you make the diversion to visit the monastery you will be rewarded with awe and amazement in that this could ever have been built in the first place. On the side of a rocky hillside overlooking the Port de la Selva, the views are awesome and serene.
  • Auswalkers
    A long 8 km uphill drive to this hilltop site is worthwhile. Recent renovations courtesy of the EU have made this a wonderful interpretation of the Benedictine monks use of the monastery for 8 centuries ( I think- the audio guides were not in English but the signage and the small guide were).The only disappointing aspect at the finale of our monastery experience was the cranky senior/older waiter or maître d' in the restaurant who was grumpy and indifferent from our entrance.we did ask for the menu to be explained in English politely and had a very pleasant lunch.Throwing our credit card down on the table after payment was our farewell - maybe he wanted more than the 10% tip he was very lucky to receive from us.But please enjoy this wonderful renovated medieval monastery but take some sandwiches.
  • Turenne
    Go for the monastery built in the top of a Mediterranean deserted Hill coast, not much to see inside but fantastic views of the wild coast and Cape of Cresswell. Worth the journey through beautifully road
  • Donato86
    After an exciting drive up a series of near-empty mountain switchbacks and curves, the Mediterranean Sea appears around a bend, with the ruins of the Monastery in the foreground. The walk from the parking area allows one to savor the incredible natural beauty. As the Monastery gets closer, you notice that it exists in a unique state of preservation - not a total ruin (ie just a few columns and foundations left), but rather as a partially-intact structure, but with large portions collapsed/missing and nearly all art and architectural details stripped away. The recent conversion into a museum artfully explores the monastery's history (what little is known about it) and offers visitors a look into a remarkably large portion of the grounds. Seeing the cloisters partially rebuilt and also partially excavated to reveal a buried, earlier set of cloisters was fascinating.Don't miss it if you're in the area - well worth the reasonable price of admission (cash only).
  • rhaleuk
    Great day trip. A bit of a crazy drive up the mountain but that was part of the fun. We did think it lacked signage or posters etc explaining things. Maybe an audio tour?Note: this is in no way wheelchair accessible.
  • Murramai
    The exhibit was quite unexpected; dim lights, music and video show and lots of modern technology. The atmosphere was quite eerie, but well worth the visit.
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