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real monasterio de santa clara

real monasterio de santa clara

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  • 529arnes
    The Santa Clara monastery should be visited if you are in the Tordesillas area. It is still a working monastery, today it has 8 nuns based there (one can ring their bell and buy some of their produce) whilst not too long ago around 80 nuns were based there. So it offers 'living history'. Like the town itself, the monastery is packed with fascinating history and is an enchanting place. It is easy to picture Queen Isabella praying there after her husband Ferdinand defeated the Portuguese army at nearby battle of Toro. The tours are strictly guided. The lady guide was excellent. Spanish language only but she spoke very clearly and fairly slowly so if your Spanish is sound you will understand a lot. If not, I recommend that you buy a guide book (in a suitable language) at the ticket counter/shop. Cost around 7 Euro. Equipped with this you can follow the tour and using the pictures to get the relevant information. Sadly I missed the Sunday morning Mass but that would be undoubtedly a great experience.
  • emma0003
    Tordecillas is a very small town but it has a spectacular attraction that is worth a stop-- the Monasterio Real de Santa Clara. One of the most interesting historical sites I have ever been to in Spain. There is still an actual working monastery and the building dates back to the Moorish period. I was there off season so tours were only offered in Spanish and I am not fluent but it was fascinating. The building is spectacular.
  • ELear
    Beautiful, moving and very, very interesting. Comparable to the Alcazar at Seville, although this is a living religious community of course. No photography (good) and no audio-guides (ditto). You are shown round n a small group with a guide. No hurry, plenty of time for questions, but count on it taking about three quarters of an hour. Sometimes the tour's in Spanish and sometimes in English. My Spanish is very limited, but I went with a Spanish group (the next English-speaking one was in about an hour), and I think I understood most of what the guide said. There's a souvenir shop near the ticket desk, and locker-things where you can leave bags. No stairs, but there are a few steps, so people with mobility problems should be able to get round with a little help. Very highly recommended indeed.
  • FredandMouse
    To hear the Holy Sisters singing Mass in the Chapel is amazing. It is as near heaven as I think i will ever get in this life. An unmissable experience. Mass on High Days and Sundays is at 10.30. GO!
    The town of Tordesillas is close to Valladolid and is a fantastic stop over en route to Santander or Bilbao. We were touring Spain in a motor home and stayed at the El Astral site which was just brilliant. The town is fascinating and very easy to get around. The monastery is in fantastic condition and the tour - although totally in Spanish - was very interesting. The history of the monastery is well documented throughout the tour and the shop has some wonderful literature. It has been referred to as the 'Alhambra' of the North. A very special place to visit.
  • 897margareth
    Escorted tours only, and despite our lack of Spanish, and the tour guides lack of English, we found it all very interesting. Far more to see than I thought there would be.
  • Luiz44
    Full of history with astonishing “medieval baths” and a marvelous chapel. The guided visit is very informative. Do not miss
  • 535josem
    Ir a Tordesillas y no visitar este lugar, es no hacer nada. Es una auténtica maravilla. El claustro, en arte ... Es único. Hay que visitarlo.
  • anapD9769DT
    Un monasterio muy bonito. Un poco caro pero pienso qué merece la pena. La guia es una profissional y muy amable.
  • AntonioO396
    Como en todos los lugares del patrimonio nacional no se pueden hacer fotos, lamentable. Ya que en este país son tan aficionados a las tasas, ya podían cobrar algo por hacer fotos, o tener un buen libro a la venta sobre este magnifico sitio. La guía amabilísima, La bóveda mudejar de la iglesia te deja sin habla, hay una colección pictorica realmente espectacular en la sacristía, así como un retablo magnifico en la capilla de los Saldaña. Como curiosidad precioso virginal en el que se grabaron discos de Antonio Baciero.
  • CGC13
    Nos encantó la visita guiada. Las dependencias del antiguo palacio, la iglesia y los baños. Muy cuidado y organizado como suele ser habitual en los edificios de Patrimonio Nacional.
  • 500fera
    El monasterio en sí contiene alguna parte o pieza de valor intersante pero el valor de la visita guiada lo creo excesivo para familias
  • mrosa30
    Estuvimos visitándolo y es bastante interesante la mezcla de estilos, al haber sido un antiguo palacio quedan bastantes decoraciones mudejares.
  • alnago
    Hicimos visita guiada y nos gustó mucho, te hablan sobre la historia de Juana llamada la loca y su familia, puedes ver donde estuvo enterrada mucho tiempo, en general, me gustó mucho, luego cuando sales puedes si quieres comprar unos dulces a las monjas de clausura que las hacen, no quedan más que 8 de las 60 que llegó a haber.
  • 409franciscof
    Otra obra de nuestro patrimonio. Recinto cargado de obras de arte y de historia. Interesante en todo. Lástima que éramos muchas personas en la visita guiada. Además se adelantó la hora sin previo aviso.
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