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bodegas legaris

bodegas legaris

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    Located just 5 minutes from Peñafiel, Legaris brings together the...


  • janes981
    We had a marvelous experience touring the Legaris winery and vineyard. Interested in the soil, care of the vines and grapes, weather challenges, we were warmly, and in detail, given information about Legaris and its philosophy about the care of the land, vines and grapes. The wine? In a word: fabulous!
  • RBurrage
    My family and I had a wonderful tour and tasting, in English, from Belén. We called at the last minute, and she was able to accommodate us in spite of probably wanting to go home for the day. She was informative and helpful with our occasionally crazy questions. The tasting was lots of fun and we were made to truly feel like guests.
  • mclejc
    After having toured many wineries, I'm not so interested in seeing tanks and cellars of bottles. What I look for in a winery visit is to speak with a person knowledgeable about the particulars of business of that winery and of course, to taste wine in a setting that the vintner believes shows the best that they have to offer.Belen did a great job, was available on very short notice (we got lucky), and we had quite a discussion about the wine business and, of course, tasted some very good wines. As this was the only winery in Ribera del Duero that offered a tasting in English, it was much appreciated and Belen did a great job. Will be looking for Legaris wines now that we are back in the US.
  • LittleRoseveth
    My wife and I decided to take my parents and friends from Australia to this Bodega as they offered an english tour (being one of only a very small handful in the Ribera del Duero offering English speaking tours). We were a little apprehensive before hand as we weren't sure what we were going to find, and didn't fancy being translators for the tour, which has happened at other Bodegas, but as soon as we met Belen our minds were put at rest. She spoke very good english and took us on a very informative tour including a visit to look at the actual vines, which are just outside the Bodega. She explained all about the vines and interesting techniques they use, that include a lot of science but also the instincts of the grower. Then we went inside and saw the winemaking process from grape to bottle. The bodega has an extensive gallery that shows you all the process but without interfering with the workings of the Bodega. After this we moved on to the fun part, the Tasting, we chose the 25 euro tour and tasting which includes the tour and tasting of the 4 wines they produce (also included in this price our a selection of local cheese and Iberico ham to eat with the wines). There was one white and three reds (Roble, Crianza and Reserva) to try, whilst Belen explained the different characters of each wine. After the tasting she allowed us to carry on drinking whichever wine we had enjoyed the most. I highly recommend this Bodega and will definitely be visiting again with other friends and family. Thank you Belen.
  • cubanita2012
    We had the pleasure of attending a tasting in south florida recently, we met Mr. Jorge Bombin, winemaker for Legaris, what a wine is was, we wanted to buy them right there at the tasting location. Mr. Bombin was very educative with the wines and the vineyard itself, this is going to be another place for us to visit in the future. The first tasting of these wines took us back to our previous trips in Spain, we really felt like we were there. Thank you Mr. Bombin for these amazing wines and we hope to see each other in the near future tasting the wines only this time in Bodegas in Curiel De Duero, Spain.
  • LadyGoldilocks
    With the economy not exactly buzzing you'd think people were interested in welcoming your business - not so in the Ribera del Duero region... Not a single winery was able to offer an English speaking tour except charming and very knowledgable Belen of Legaris!! She showed us the stunning new Bodega and we learned a lot about modern wine making. She took us out to the vines and through the whole process the wine makes till bottling. Afterwards we were treated to the excellent Legaris wines in a personal tasting atmosphere. Belen offered much appreciated local restaurant tips. Very recommendable!!
  • Elly162014
    We warmly recommend a visit to the Legaris Bodega.The Architecture of the Bodega matches the beautiful landscape perfectly.The wines we tasted were amongst the very best Ribera del Duero wines we tasted (and we visited quite a few bodegas)!Belen,our quide was exceptionally knowledgeable and charming with perfect English.All in all,one of the highlights of our tour of the area!
  • 384tb
    This is a modern, architect designed, bodega with internal walkways over parts of the working areas. Legaris was prepared to put on a visit for 2 people (when some other bodegas would not)Belen (who speaks fluent English) took us round. Starting amongst the vines she explained, in some detail, the viticultural processes and procedures that Legaris use, which was an aspect of the tour that we found particularly interesting. The after tour wine tasting (with tapas) was one of the most enjoyable we have attended. Well worth a visit
  • Idafef
    We visited Legaris this February and despite the cold weather I have to say that we enjoyed it a lot. We had the chance to have a walk by the vineyards and Belen showed us all the innovations and care that are implemented in the vines to get the best grapes. Then we visited the winery and we were impressed by its modern architecture. From the outside is difficult to appreciate, but once you are inside the building you will surely not be disappointed. The traditions and the innovations come together in this relatively new winery that produces, also important, some of the best wines of the area. Summing up, I encourage everybody to make an stop at Legaris!
  • AandDHampshire
    If you only have time for one winery visit in this area, make Legaris THE ONE!!Belen is passionate about wine, and she will tell you as much or as little as you want to learn. Legaris is a modern winery that makes good Ribera Reds and has lovely Rueda whites from their adjacent winery.Our group was 48 strong, and being a wine appreciation group from U3A they know more than a little about wine! However, Belen educated us further and we shall look back on our visit here with great memories! She is sincere about her subject and very proud of her company's winery.This winery tour is well recommended and Belen has good English! Best to ring ahead and book the visit.
  • VinC604
    Fantastic modern winery with excellent well informed tour guide. We thoroughly enjoyed the visit and will repeat on our next course.Jeni WilsonWSET Ribera del DueroVINTAGE CLASS
  • PipiMad
    Aunque la explicación de la guía me pareció muy profesional creo le falta mas personalidad a la bodega.
  • javi311974
    Nos alojamos en el Castillo de Curiel de Duero para celebrar nuestro VI Aniversario de Boda. Durante nuestra primera cena allí pudimos degustar un excelente crianza de la bodega Legaris. En el castillo nos recomendaron hacer la visita a la bodega, pues además se encuentra a escasos 800 metros del pueblo de Curiel.La experiencia fue muy positiva e instructiva. La visita está perfectamente estructurada para poder comprender lo que es el arte de la vinificación, aunando los tres elementos clave: técnicas artesanales (pero eso sí, cada vez más mecanizadas), decisiones creativas y conocimientos científicos.Perfectamente guiados de la mano de Rosa, pudimos conocer cada uno de los procesos que participan en la elaboración del vino, desde el cultivo de la uva hasta el embotellado final. Mención especial a la arquitectura de la bodega, una bodega moderna, con un diseño estudiado al detalle para "hacerla visible" desde todos los puntos cardinales, y para optimizar el proceso de elaboración de sus vinos.La visita finaliza, como no podía ser de otra manera, con una cata de los diferentes vinos que comercializan, y que yo desde luego recomiendo.Muchas gracias Rosa por el trato tan afable que nos dispensaste y por tu sabiduría, que con tanto esmero nos supiste transmitir.
  • pvlopez
    El pasado viernes visitamos las Bodegas Legaris, nos la enseño Rosa, que es encantadora, nos hizo la visita muy amena y nos enseño un monton de cosas, aprendimos mucho y nos parecio una de las mejores visitas a Bodegas que hayamos hecho, Recomiendo la visita a estas Bodegas muy interesante y diferente, Ademas los vinos tienen premios y son estupendosQueremos volver en verano para poder disfrutar una visita al anochecer con el Castillo de Peñafiel al fondoInolvidable y muy interesante
  • 602eugenian
    Ha sido muy grata la visita, además del estupendo trato de Belén, dejó muy claro su profesionalidad mostrándonos el funcionamiento de la Bodega, que hace uso de las últimas tecnologías, y elaboran los buenos vinos, que sacan cada año.
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