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museo de la historia de automocion

museo de la historia de automocion

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    This is a great museum on the history of cars with cars going back to the...


  • AAE_14
    We came across this museum on our way back to our hotel We wanted to see the Art Deco building and the Roman bridge both of which are nearby.My husband likes cars and I don't mind following him round but I found this little collection to be really interesting.There have a wide variety of cars, several Hispano-Suiza which impressed the husband and the displays are well put together and it's easy to get round. The only down side was that all the information was in Spanish but you can easily understand the make, model and year.If you have a bit of spare time I would highly recommend fitting this in to a tour of Salamanca
  • ELear
    The car museum is a very welcome change after all the old churches etc that have probably taken up most of your time in Salamanca. A breath of fresh air. Also it's interesting in itself, even to someone who normally isn't interested in cars. I was particularly impressed by the huge 1910 Hispano-Suiza and 1922 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost. Those were the days!
  • 06D123
    Anyone with an interest in cars and motoring should visit this museum. It has a fabulous collection of cars from the 1880s to today - all beautifully restored, showing the history of motoring in Spain, and by extension, the general progress of the motor car over 130 years or so. It is interesting to compare the early models with the Renault F1 car from 2009 (which, incidentally, is placed near one of the most iconic cars ever - the VW Beetle), but there are competition cars from all eras alongside 'everyday' cars and 1920s Grand tourers. The only drawback is that the descriptions of the cars and their histories are in Spanish only, so those who don't speak or read Spanish will have difficulty in reading the stories of the cars - which are often very interesting. In spite of this, it is definitely worth a visit.
  • ElizabethChester
    Check the opening times, as we were too early the first time. We were surprised at just how many exhibits there are from G.B., France, Italy, U.S.A as well as Spain and how well displayed.
  • hyppie
    Well, as a museum, I expected to see plenty of old cars, pieces and other things related to car. There are plenty of plans about cars, which for people interested in this, I think it's great, but for me, means nothing. For me, some pictures with old cars or real old cars would mean something.I think that the BMW museum from Munich is better.
  • MauriceTravler
    Excellent museum and free on a Sunday...unbelievable! Great cars including several Pegaso's. if you love cars then you will love this place.
  • jobetim
    An eclectic collection of cars, ancient and modern, in a nice exhibition space - the old ones are both more interesting, and beautiful, of course. The chronology is odd, you'd have thought that they'd start with the old, and progress to the new, and, generally speaking they do, but with some very odd glitches. It's annoying that all descriptions are exclusively in Spanish, it wouldn't be difficult to get some English/French/Italian/German translations too. So, worth a visit, and it's cheap to get in, but it's not a patch on the brilliant auto museum in Turin.
  • Vegabonds
    For free the first Tuesday of the month from 17 to 20, otherwise 3.50 euro.Interesting museum and first museum about cars I have ever seen, so I was not sure what to expect.From the boards which were written only in Spanish i think I understood it is a collection of historical cars owned by Spaniards. If this is the case, then I would not consider it a museum of the history of the car, as many famous historical cars are missing from the collection, like Fiat 500, Mini, VW beatle, etc. or the first electric car. It seemed more like they showed what they could find around, without much interest on the progress in the development of cars.All in all, nice to have a look.To take pictures you have to pay 1 euro.
  • rogeriom365
    I have been in hollydays in spain and traveled by car from viseu to salamanca then bilbao and then santiago de compostela. Tried to visit as many car museums as possible. but only find this one (there was another near bilbao but only opens on sundays). This one only closes on mondays so it's perfect. 3.5€ it's cheap for the amount of cars they have and the quality of the cars. There is cars from all eras and all in great shape very original. it charges 1€ to take pictures and i think it's a good politic. it was 2 hours well spent looking at amilcars, pegaso, hispano suiza, rolls royce and so on. they have a small description of the history of the car and when not available theres a description of the history of the brand/model. I liked it very much. Congratulations.
  • madamedefarge
    This is an excellent museum and worth spending a couple of hours in it. There are three floors of cars from various countries and eras to view and although there's not much information in English, it was easy enough to understand top speed and horse power. There some great Jaguars and an AC Cobra (couldn't drag my husband away from that one) and various Hispano-Suizas that looked really excellent. This marque was new to me, but they did look lovely. The vehicles are well-laid out and it's easy to wander around the floors, taking it all in. We had a great time with some of the US cars, deciding which ones would have been gangster cars........all of them seemed good candidates, with some really cool whitewall tyres on display.There's also a fairly recent F1 car, driven by Fernando Alonso, which looks rather flimsy, but flash. Good to compare to the sleek lines of the other cars.The museum is open until 8pm, which is handy. However, there is an irritating charge of €1 ro pay if you want to take photos. If you pay, you get a little sticky badge to wear that gives you the right to snap unchallenged. It's a small cost, but an annoying development I've noticed in some museums in Spain. There's also a small shop where you can buy various car related things. So worth spending some time there.
  • ejdjd
    I was pleasantly surprised to find this type of quality auto museum in Salamanca; it was a excellent way to spend a few hours seeing art the rolls !
  • Judith31350
    Very interesting collection of cars from the end of the 19th century to the present day. Even some models of pre-car vehicles from the 17th century. We were alone for most of our time there. The vehicles are attractively displayed in mirrored lined rooms giving the impression of loads of space.
  • Redfred1000
    This is a little gem of a museum, an eclectic collection over three floors, from the last years of the ninetteenth century to prototypes of the early 21st. The start, with a motley collection of old motorcycles, belies the gems to follow, including a totally original and unrestored Hispano-Suiza from 1910. There's also the only Muntz (an American marque) in Spain. Well worth an hour of anyone's time, good value for small boys too (though there is nothing you can climb on). As is often the case in Spain, watch out for the long lunch closure: opening hours are 10 til 2 and 5 til 8, closed on Mondays. Well worth a visit.
  • cstewart940
    The best auto museum we have ever been to, a great collection of vehicles and a very interesting display of Spanish police vehicles and history.
  • HelenH122
    Really nice little museum all the signs are in Spanish but we could work out what we wanted to know. It was bigger than we thought and cheap to get in (we are students). Well worth a visit if you are interested in cars.
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